Hello, you! Welcome to It’s Just Electrical Impulses.

This blog is about my trials and tribulations on the various editions of the popular and ridiculously addictive Football Manager (FM) and Championship Manager (CM) PC games.

The title of this blog comes from something my dad used to say to me years ago, when I was in the midst of a rage having seen my team concede yet another late goal. My fist would connect with the computer desk in a fierce and rhythmical fashion.

“It’s just electrical impulses,” he used to say – like it was supposed to help.

It didn’t help. To anyone who’s ever played FM or CM, you’ll understand the pain of a late goal, or the annoyance of conceding to a player that always scored against you. In those moments, you’re not particularly receptive to any comment that reminds you that it’s not real life.

Well, it’s my life, and it feels real enough to me.

My very first football management game was Premier Manager on the Amiga. You had to start in the Conference and work your way up through the leagues. It was the 1992/3 season, when Wycombe were by far and away the best team in the Conference. In my circle of friends (can two people make a circle?) it was regarded as cheating to choose Wycombe.

When my parents finally invested in a PC in October 1997 I bought CM2 (the 1997/8 season). I was 15 years old at the time and this alone kept me from socialising with dodgy friends, drinking cheap cider in the park and developing an enlightening but unhealthy addiction to Class A drugs.

In March 1999 I developed a convenient case of conjunctivitis to take the day off school to buy CM3 when it was finally released after months of delays. These versions (1999/00, 2000/01 and 2001/2) basically took me through my A-levels.

I bought CM4 when it was released at the end of 2002 but, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get into it. You’ll know what I mean. For some, the 2001/2 version is still regarded as the optimum version in terms of depth, control and playability. It’s a balance that, perhaps, the makers have never quite got right ever since.

The next version I bought was FM 2005. I can’t say I had many campaigns on this as I was at university at the time. A number of network games were established in the student house but none really took off due to the mood swings of the wireless router.

Following a legendary game as Stalybridge manager on FM 2007 (when I should have been writing my dissertation) I bought FM 2008 and stuck with it until the release of FM 2012. I’m now on FM17.

Thanks for visiting It’s Just Electrical Impulses – and if you’re as sad as me, you’ll probably find a lot of articles, anecdotes and updates that ring a familiar bell in your managerial mind.

I sometimes have witty and interesting things to say on Twitter! Follow me: @RichMariner

I also have another blog, All That and a Bag of Chips, on which I write all sorts of poignant and philosophical stuff. It’s normally about football, cricket, satire or toilets. Feel free to check it out.

Finally, I take on some copywriting jobs in my spare time – so if you need anything writing, please take a look at my website and get in touch!


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